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 Expert Well Drilling Contractor for Wyoming and South Dakota

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    When it comes to water well drilling in Wyoming and South Dakota, its good to know that there are trusted and experienced experts at Tyvo Drilling who are able to provide you with options. 

    Tyvo Drilling has deep roots in Wyoming and South Dakota and is built upon over 30 years of water well drilling experience. Tyvo was founded by Tim Barritt in 1994 after gaining years of experience drilling and engineering water wells for Materi Exploration and Soda Butte Services in Wyoming, South Dakota, and throughout the American West. Tim is one of the most experienced engineers in our region, and he continues to serve Tyvo and it's customers as both a consultant and Technical Advisor.

    Tyvo Drilling was acquired by Dan Hart Patrol in 2020 and now operates as Tyvo Drilling, LLC under the leadership of Keith Materi, who also has a wealth of experience drilling water wells with Materi Exploration, Soda Butte Services, and Materi Operating.    

    Tyvo Drilling is the experienced, knowledgeable, and ethical water well drilling contractor for Wyoming and South Dakota.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 307-680-0091 or fill out the following form.

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1405 E Hwy 16

Upton, Wyoming 82730

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To apply for a job with Tyvo Drilling, please send a cover letter with your CV to:

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